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Importance of Enhancing Coworking Communication in Shared Office Space

shared office space

Communication is called the pillar of productivity for every organization. The same stands for a coworking space as well. 

But how do you establish good coworking communication?  

Having great communication in a coworking workspace is a cornerstone for success. Effective office communication is a guaranteed driver for important business objectives. It helps in building a community and retaining talented members. 

Although this office environment might sound a little unconventional, the rules around communication are simple. 

You just need to understand the environment of a coworking and Voila – you have mapped yourself a great coworking communication strategy. 

In this blog, we will help you with the internal and external communication of a coworking space and how can you benefit from this strategy. coworking communication

Understanding Communication in a Coworking Space

Coworking communication refers to numerous ways through which you can connect with everyone in your team and the teams around you. 

It involves managing communication through different channels such as sending email announcements to your team members, making a casual conversation with your coworker in a break, having a one-on-one with your community manager, and sending push notifications through mobile devices. 

You need to understand that a community is built on strong communication skills. If you are looking to form a warm and inviting space where everyone feels connected, you need to ensure how and when you communicate with your members. 

What are the benefits of enhanced coworking communication?

In a conventional office space, the leaders do not emphasize the need for communication in workplace. This situation is almost the same for the coworking spaces as well. 

Your team members are just like your customers. And if they do not get a good experience out of an office-like environment, they are going to move away. 

Here are some of the benefits if you are looking to have strong communication in your workspace. 

  • You can witness a more sustainable revenue.
  • Enhanced member retention rate. 
  • Fewer members churn. 
  • Dynamic and rewarding experience from the team members.
  • A feeling and a strong sense of belonging in your community. 

Different kinds of coworking communication

Particularly, there are three kinds of communication in a coworking environment. Let us shed light on those. 

Internal communication

It refers to the communication between and within your working management team. 

External communication

It means the communication that is between the team members and the management team. 

Team members communication

Any communication with coworkers or your team members is called team member communication. 

You must consider and manage delivery, messaging, and mutuality within these communication kinds. 

Ways to improve internal And external communication in your coworking space

Good communication begins with the company culture. Internal and external communication is built on the foundation between employees and the coworking leadership. A strong strategy starts at the top and is built into the company’s culture from the start.

Well, if it has not been your priority to foresee communication, it is never too late to start. 

Here are some of the best ways to improve and enhance internal and external communication in your co-working space. 

Communicate your vision and strategy

Make sure that you steer clear of expectations, strategy, and goals. This is the key aspect of establishing good communication. 

When a leader moulds the communication model in the way they want, the employees are going to follow their lead. 

  • You need to ensure that you communicate your business roadmap with your team. Also, include any data if necessary, that can help everyone understand the business goals. 
  • Include communication visuals and the elements of storytelling. The more impressive the delivery, the better your staff will be able to understand the received information. 
  • Share ideas as many as you can and if you come across an engaging coworking article, communicate it around the whole team and do not miss anyone. 

Utilise the right tools for communication

When it is regarding inter office communication, the method is just as important as the message. 

There are numerous tools such as Zoom and Slack that are a great channel for communication through the team. This is great if you working through separate locations or working remotely. 

It does not matter what tool you select, you need to ensure it is consistent and accessible. If you have asked your team to communicate on Slack or email, then a text message can get you lost in the mix. 

Try to keep it simple

Choose the tools carefully because you have to stick with them. With a few powerful tools, you can pave the way for success for both the leadership and your staff. 

The communication must be consistent

Transparent and regular communication will help in setting the groundwork for the future. If you witness a touch conversation arising, then your team will be trained to handle such communication effectively. 

Introduce a feedback culture

Communication is a two-way street that involves listening, understanding and giving proper feedback on the message. 

To make sure an important message is accepted and received, you must establish mutual communication early on in working relationships and within company roles. Also, communicate in a way that is understanding and empathetic. 

Ask for regular feedback through employee interviews, surveys, and check-ins.

Celebrate their wins so that a sense of belonging grows around the team. Your members will love to see a motivated and happy staff. 

Improving communication between coworking members

Communication between the members happens when they are involved in conversation outside the channels you establish. 

Well, how can a coworking company encourage this communication without being dominating? Here are the finest ways to do that. 

Get the conversation flowing 

Ever been in a situation where you’re surrounded by people, but it feels awkward to start talking? Yeah, we’ve all been there. That’s why it’s great to have stuff going on in the coworking space. Workshops, talks, you name it. They give us something to chat about without it feeling forced.

Plus, it’s cool to see what everyone’s up to as it can be pretty inspiring! And if someone’s done something awesome, why not shout about it? Sharing wins is always a mood-lifter.

Keep a bit of the old office vibe 

We love the freedom of coworking, but sometimes a bit of structure can be nice, right? Like when someone new joins, it’s cool to give them a warm welcome. Maybe a quick intro to everyone or a shoutout on Slack. 

And hey, having a daily check-in can be a game-changer. It gets us all on the same page and opens up chances to collaborate.

Be chill and social 

Sometimes the best convos happen when we’re not thinking about work. So, it’s awesome to have social stuff going on. 

Like, who doesn’t love bonding over food? Whether it’s a weekly snack or a food truck lunch, it presents a vibe.

In the end

Although coworking spaces offer great options such as private cabins, dedicated desks, and conference rooms, it had no meaning at all if communication is not in place. 

You need to follow the best communication strategy that works for your business. Without it, you can face challenges to grow and prosper.

With the right coworking communication strategy in place, you can set the stage for exponential organic growth in your coworking space.