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    Flexible, Functional, and Fantastic: Discover Ace Co-Working’s Office Solutions

    What makes a place flexible, functional, and fantastic? Well, it is a full-service shared workspace that provides various individuals and teams with different work options depending on their needs. 

    The employees can meet, start working in a common space, and split up their work accordingly. They can move freely between collaborative spaces, break rooms, and quiet zones. 

    Well, it is up to them to choose where they can work their best.

    What is a Shared (Flexible) Workspace?

    A shared or flexible workspace is a kind of workspace that enables startups, freelancers, and enterprises to work from a location that provides them with flexibility in the way they work.

    You can choose from plenty of flexible offices to choose from. Well, you can select your desk, also known as a dedicated desk. That means you can come back to the same desk whenever you are in the office. Apart from that there are numerous options as well such as private cabins, open seats, virtual offices, and meeting rooms with modern office amenities.

    What are the different kinds of workspace available in a flexible space?

    Let us have a look at different kinds of workspace available in an office space.

    Dedicated desks

    A dedicated desk is an affordable office space just for you. You share a common area in the office with your team members or other professionals. The desk and chairs are yours and will also have a locked cabinet. 

    You can keep your things there during your time at the coworking space. The benefit is that you do not have to pack everything up at the end of the day. 

    Hot desk

    A hot desk is not as same as your fixed desk because you do not have an assigned workstation. When you go for a hot desk, you are paying for a desk or a group of desks. Well, that space can change from day to day.

    However, you will have a place to sit and you will still be able to take advantage of all the modern office amenities such as a kitchen, meeting room, or breakout areas for taking your mind off.

    Private cabins

    With a private cabin, you can handle your team in that area. An important thing to note is that the entire cabin can be locked and only you will have access. This office space offers privacy, security, and confidentiality. 

    With this space, you will have access to some additional services such as phone answering, mail handling, and other administrative services.

    Virtual service

    A virtual space is a space where business provides an address and support without the need for any physical space. These are the most affordable kinds of office space. 

    These are perfect for small businesses as they need a reputable business address at a cost-effective price. 

    These offices are very popular nowadays with the businesses expanding into new markets. The address can help build trust with their clients. 

    What are the benefits of shared workspace?

    Well, if you are still wondering how a coworking or shared office space is beneficial for you, have a look at some of these points.

    Cost savings

    A coworking space offers you the office space that you need without any hassle of renting a full office space. Also, you do not have to worry anything about real estate, furniture, equipment, and planning for the workforce for five years. 

    Startups, entrepreneurs, and freelancers can keep the costs and the risk low in the initial years of the business.


    When you join a coworking space, you don’t have to sign long contracts. Instead, you can go month-to-month. This means you can leave whenever you need to without being tied down. Also, if your business grows or changes, you can easily switch things up. 

    You can get more space, less space, or even move to a different location. It’s all up to you!

    Perfect Location

    Most traditional offices are in boring areas because they’re cheaper. But coworking spaces are often right in the heart of things. This makes it easier for your employees to get to work. And having a reputable address can make your business look more professional. Clients will find it easier to visit you, too.


    Coworking spaces are buzzing with people from different businesses. They often have fun stuff like ping pong tables and events. 

    This makes it easy to meet new people. You might find someone who can help your business, or even become a new client!

    Work-Life Balance

    It’s important to have a good balance between work and life. Coworking spaces get that. They have lots of chill-out areas where you can take a break. 

    You can grab a free coffee, flop onto a beanbag, or join in with social events. All these things help you relax and feel happier at work.

    Flexible and functional office space designs

    Have a look at some of the trends in flexible office designs that will help you choose the right office according to your needs

    Open space layouts

    In flexible workspaces, you will mostly get an open office concept. This is because long tables and closely seated employee plans are not at all ideal. Also, it creates a ruckus that leads to less work being done and will ultimately cost more money to your company. 

    What you can do instead is to look for open-plan offices that have workstations for two to three people.

    Shared resources space

    The shared office spaces have seen the greatest impact. These spaces include comfortable lounges, fully stocked cafes and areas where employees can move around and take a stretch. 

    Everyone has access to these areas and you must ensure that your office procedures run smoothly.

    Breakout spaces

    Although there is a collaborative nature in the flexible spaces, the employees still need the ability to work in groups or alone, whenever they feel like it. 

    These spaces are a quick break from the noisy and fast-paced environment. The places allow for privacy and focus on the ideas. 

    Flexible spaces are the future

    Well, in essence, working in a flexible space unlocks adaptability and efficiency. 

    Working in these spaces allows you to scale your business without any financial or geographical constraints. 

    So if you are looking for an ideal place to grow your business, Ace Coworking in Zirakpur has the best amenities for you. Work beside like-minded individuals and find the right office space for your business among numerous options.